The Second City Becomes Our Fourth City

April 1st, 2009 admin Posted in Chicago, Expansion, Michael, New Hire, twitter | 1 Comment »

We're happy to announce that Chicago will be our fourth market launched, joining Atlanta, Denver & Austin as SkyBlox neighborhood Wi-Fi cities.

When considering expansion markets, a couple of key factors were important to us. City metrics and SkyBlox-specific criteria like Yelp reviews, walkability and number of Wi-Fi hotspots were big. Chicago got top marks in all of those categories.

Large metropolitan area. Check. Neighborhood-centric market. Check. Solid technology usage. Check. Good City Manager candidate. Double check.

More about our brand new Chicago City Manager. Jelena Zanko knows Chicago as well as the Mayor. She appreciates local happenings and has written 400 Yelp reviews to prove it. There's no better person to build buzz in Chicago than Jelena.

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  1. Bravo skyblox!