A New City & A New Addition To The Team

February 26th, 2009 dave Posted in Denver, Expansion, New Hire | 1 Comment »

Late last year

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a chain in Austin called asking us to setup their Wi-Fi, so we launched Austin on our site. This began a process to evaluate how we might take our Atlanta success on the road. So after a great deal of analysis of the top 50 metro areas in the U.S. we have formulated a plan to launch a few cities in early 2009.

As all good expansion models do, we looked at standard metrics like population, population density, age, income and the like. Then we added SkyBlox-specific criteria like Yelp reviews, walkability and number of Wi-Fi hotspots. A half-dozen cities came out on top. While we aren't ready to let the world know our full expansion plans, we are ready to announce our first city.

This week we are launching SkyBlox Denver! Not only that, but we spent weeks pouring over literally hundreds of resumes and days in Denver interviewing dozens of candidates to find the perfect Denver City Manager.

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This week Jarred Frank joined the SkyBlox team. Jarred is responsible for growing the SkyBlox hotspot network in Denver and ongoing management of all facets of that market.

We couldn't be more excited about Denver and more happy with our newest City Manager. Denver businesses are about to have a whole new way to communicate with potential customers.


One Response to “A New City & A New Addition To The Team”

  1. congrats Jarred & the SkyBlox team! :-D i am sure Denver will proove to be incredibly successful & will create even more positive stories & case studies when it comes time to launch the next City… go get ‘em!